Shellharbour Hospital

Shellharbour is the fastest growing area on the eastern seaboard of New South Wales and health services need to keep up to date with this population – and ageingpopulation – growth. As a result, Shellharbour Hospital needs a major upgrade.

The Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District’s Health Care Services Plan 2012-2022 revealed Shellharbour Hospital was a key priority – set to become a major metropolitan hospital that will provide a comprehensive range of secondary acute services to the southern Illawarra region.

A major upgrade will mean patients in our electorate will get better access to a range of additional health care services – more beds, more emergency treatment spaces, more clinics, more outpatient services and more surgical capabilities.

It will mean less travel, more doctors and nurses, and better, improved building facilities for patients. It will mean a range of more auxiliary staff and healthcare workers, creating up to 500 more local jobs.

However, the NSW Government has only delivered a disappointing dribble of funding so far. There is still no firm construction timetable set.

Since coming to office, I have campaigned for this upgrade, including sending the Minister for Health more than 500 letters from people in the Shellharbour electorate explaining why an upgrade is needed.

As a community, we’ve fought off the Government’s disgraceful attempt to privatise Shellharbour Hospital. Now, let’s get on with it – I’m calling on the NSW Government for a start date and detailed timetable for work to commence on the major upgrade and redevelopment of Shellharbour Hospital.

It was promised at the 2015 election, yet we’re still waiting and now over a year’s worth of work behind.

We need an updated plan and funding from the NSW Government to adequately provide for Shellharbour Hospital’s fullredevelopment.

I will continue to campaign strongly on behalf of our local community for the NSW Government to fully fund and deliver the much-needed upgrade to Shellharbour Hospital as a matter of urgency.

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