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The Member for Shellharbour has today condemned the quality of the ‘consultation sessions’ hosted by Corrective Services NSW over the past three days regarding the proposal to build a correctional facility at Kembla Grange.

Two out of the four sessions took place outdoors without cover, one of which was situated in Dapto Plaza despite the area currently being under construction. Monday’s session at Dapto Ribbonwood Centre was situated in the foyer of the centre; an area in use by members of the general public.

The sessions did not make any considerations for members of the public with mobility or hearing issues, as chairs were not made available to attendees and representatives did not use microphones.

A short flyer of 500 words was handed out to attendees that included no new information and featured an outdated photo of the site.

Residents have also reported that concerns and questions raised in the sessions were not being noted down or recorded by NSW Corrective Services representatives.

Other complaints from attendees include; being forced to wait for long periods due to understaffing, and staff deferring questions or providing confusing or generic answers.

Quotes Attributable to Anna Watson MP:

“I’m disgusted that after three whole months, all this Government had for this community was a 500 word flyer, a trestle table and some generic, stock standard responses.

“I’ve said from the start that these sessions wouldn’t qualify as ‘real’ community consultation, and I was right.

“I would like to congratulate every member of my community that attended these sessions for their patience, organisation and respectfulness throughout. These sessions may have been frustrating but everyone that came along did Dapto proud.”

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