Schools before Stadiums

The NSW Berejiklian Government has its priorities for New South Wales all wrong.

It has decided to spend $2.5 billion on knocking down and rebuilding two stadiums in Sydney. This is $2.5 billion, which could and should be spent on far more important issues facing the state - issues that shouldbe front and centre for government, like education and schools.

While the NSW Government goes on its outrageous stadium cash splash, there are real problems facing schools in the Shellharbour electorate:

  • funding is being cut to every local school;

  • millions of dollars worth of maintenance repairs in our schools are backlogged and won’t be fixed for years;

  • the number of demountables taking up valuable playground space in local schools is increasing; and

  • the clear need for new schools to be built in the area is being ignored by this Government.

The NSW Government is failing our local children and failing the future of New South Wales. Spending $2.5 billion taxpayers dollars on stadiums is a completely out-of-touch decision that is robbing much-needed funds from the schools and students of the Shellharbour electorate.

I’m calling on the Government prioritise more funding, long-term planning and proper investment in educational infrastructure for our local schools. Parents need reassurance that as their children grow, they will have access to a high quality public education in uncrowded, well-maintained schools.

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