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School maintenance backlog

I’m calling on NSW Education Minister, Rob Stokes, to fix the school maintenance backlog in our local schools as a matter of priority.

Maintenance requests from schools are for basic, much-needed repairs such as fixing damaged roofs, replacing windows, replacing carpet, painting and toilet block repairs and upgrades.

There are 18 schools within the Shellharbour electorate with outstanding maintenance requests, totalling over $8.2 million.

Six schools within the Shellharbour electorate have a maintenance backlog exceeding $500,000. 

This includes Oak Flats High School, which has a worrying backlog of $1,777,498. Yet, the school has only been given $96,434 by the Government for maintenance works – that’s 5% of what they need. At this rate, it would take approximately 18 years to clear Oak Flats High School’s maintenance backlog.

The magnitude of this maintenance backlog is an appalling failure by the State Government. It is totally unacceptable and I will not stand for it.

  • School

  • How much your school needs for maintenance and repairs

  • What your school received

  • How many years it will take to complete repairs at this rate

Table: Title: School Maintenance Backlogs in the Shellharbour Electorate

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