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Saving Tafe

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

Saving TAFE

Since the Liberals and Nationals took power, they havegutted the Dapto TAFE campus and other campuses right across New South Wales.

Student and staff numbers fell each year at Dapto TAFE since 2011 – this was a direct result of cuts to vocational education and training, and the sacking of TAFE staff. Services and courses were also hived off to other campuses in the region.

In total, the NSW Liberal National Government has slashed $1.7 billion from education and training in the state.

It’s meant that in 2016, the Dapto TAFE campus was officially shut down.

By then it was a ghost campus:

  • a strong teaching staff of 111 in 2010, by then cut to zero;

  • thriving student enrolments of nearly 700 in 2010, plummeted to zero.

The campus has now been replaced by a tiny TAFE Illawarra “Access Point” - a glorified information kiosk with no facilities, library, or even toilet amenities for students. It’s a standard that even NSW Skills Minister, Adam Marshall, has admitted is “not acceptable”.

The deliberate and systematic gutting of Dapto TAFE over five years has been an incredible insult to the growing community of Dapto and West Dapto.

In that five years, I’ve been joined every step of the way by the community and many other MPs and leaders in fighting for our TAFE system. We will not stop now.

The Berejiklian Government’s war on TAFE is a disaster. Enough is enough – we must save our TAFE.

Our community deserves access to the skills they need to get good jobs. TAFE must continue to be there for working families in our region – not just today, but into the future. 

That’s why I’m fighting to rebuild TAFE – a well-funded, accessible and protected TAFE system here in the Shellharbour electorate and across the state.


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