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The Member for Shellharbour has today welcomed the announcement that planning approval for the Albion Park Rail bypass has finally been granted. This announcement, whilst 13 months overdue, marks an important step toward construction of the long-awaited bypass.

The NSW Government originally promised planning approval for the Albion Park Rail bypass would be granted by the end of 2016. After failing to be met, this deadline was then delayed until the end of December 2017.

Yesterday’s announcement comes just two days after the Member for Shellharbour wrote to the Premier of New South Wales, seeking urgent clarification on the status of planning approval for this project.

Prior to this letter, the Member for Shellharbour wrote to the NSW Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight (dated: 12 December 2017) and made the same request. The Minister has still not yet responded this letter.

Despite this announcement, the future of the Yallah interchange is still uncertain.

In September 2017, it was revealed the NSW Government was considering a plan to effectively block Dapto and West Dapto residents from accessing the bypass, by refusing to build the Yallah interchange.

Following this revelation, the Member for Shellharbour launched a petition calling on the NSW Government to ‘Build the Yallah Interchange’. If 10,000 signatures are collected, the issue will be debated in the NSW Parliament.

Quotes Attributable to Anna Watson MP:

“After years of delays, time-wasting, and paper-shuffling, this announcement marks an important first step toward the Government finally getting on with the job.

“Sadly, not everyone can celebrate this project yet. The residents of Dapto and West Dapto are still in the dark about the future of the Yallah interchange.

“With planning approval now granted, it’s time for the Government to come clean with the community. I’m calling on the Minister, the Premier, and the Member for Kiama to commit to building the Yallah interchange.”

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