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The NSW Government has today released the 2017-18 half-yearly budget review and forecast a Budget surplus of $3.3 billion for this financial year.

This announcement also follows the NSW Government’s surplus for the last financial year being estimated at $5.7 billion in October, 2017.

This announcement has inadvertently exposed the NSW Government’s warped priorities and contempt for the wider population.

Whilst these funds are kept in the bank, health and educational infrastructure around the state continue to be underfunded.

On a local level, Shellharbour Public Hospital’s redevelopment budget remains unchanged at $251 million despite the opinions of local health professionals.

In November 2017, 82 senior doctors from across the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District spoke out against this proposed budget calling the figure ‘inadequate’ and predicting that it would result in a funding short-fall or compromises on services and resources for the facility.

Similarly, West Dapto, an area that will eventually comprise of over 19,500 new dwellings and house more than 55,000 people, continues to be deprived of funding for much-needed, new schools.

Quotes Attributable to Anna Watson MP:

“If this Government has over $3.3 billion sitting in the bank, why aren’t they investing funds where they’re needed?

“This revelation has only exposed the NSW Government’s contempt for local residents and their needs.

“This announcement should come as no surprise from a Government that puts stadiums before hospitals and schools, sells off everything including the kitchen sink, and cuts corners on anything that won’t turn a profit.”

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