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Member for Shellharbour, Anna Watson, has today responded to the news that Dapto Public School’s redevelopment plans are currently on public exhibition for the third time in six months.

An upgrade for Dapto Public School was first announced back in 2018 to replace the 14 demountables on site with new permanent classrooms. Local residents became concerned with the project when plans revealed the proposed new buildings would exceed the local height limit by 2.3 metres.

Community concerns have also been raised regarding the proposed increase in enrolments and the impact this will have on local traffic conditions and student safety during school zone hours.

“The fact that the DA for this project has gone to public exhibition three times means that School Infrastructure NSW is struggling to make this upgrade work for the community.”

“Every resident of Dapto knows we need new schools in the area to cater to population growth.”

In December 2019, Wollongong City Council adopted a new Development Control Plan for West Dapto, identifying 8 sites within the area to build 6 new primary schools and 2 new schools to cater for the fast-growing population.

“It is time that the Berejiklian Government matched NSW Labor’s commitment made at the last state election to invest $60 million towards the planning and construction of a new school precinct in West Dapto."

“My community is right to be concerned at the thought of more students being crammed into taller buildings on the same constrained site, and what this will mean for conditions at drop-off and pick up times.”

“I would encourage every local resident that has concerns with this project to make their submission to Wollongong City Council before the closing date on 4 March 2020.”

“Likewise, I would encourage local residents that are concerned with the road conditions and the safety of students at Dapto Public School to make a contribution to my School Safety Survey before it closes on 13 March 2020.”

Ms Watson is inviting parents, carers, teachers and local residents to participate in her School Safety Survey by reporting concerns about safety for those families that walk or ride to school.

Survey responses will help to identify areas of concern, find ways to improve safety around our local schools and pressure the State Government and local councils to make the changes our community needs."

“We all know the health benefits of kids walking or riding to school and that it helps beat congestion on our roads too, but many believe it’s just not safe for their children to do so."

“This survey will help make it clear where improvements can be made and where we can get our kids and local communities moving again.”

The Shellharbour School Safety Survey can be completed online at https://www.nswschoolsafety.com/shellharbour and will close on 13 March 2020.


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