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The Member for Shellharbour has today delivered hundreds of letters from her constituents to the Minister for Customer Service, calling for a Service NSW Centre to be established in the Shellharbour electorate.

The Shellharbour electorate has been without a permanent Service NSW Centre since 2015, when the Shellharbour Motor Registry closed.

In the 2019-20 Budget Estimates, it was revealed there are currently 11 Local Government Areas (LGA’s) out of 129 in New South Wales which do not have a permanent Service NSW Centre. When Mobile Service Centre routes are taken into account, there are currently JUST 2 LGA’s which do not have a Service NSW presence at all: Shellharbour is one of them.

The Member for Shellharbour has met with the Minister for Customer Service today in his parliamentary office to discuss the petition and her community’s pleas for a Service NSW Centre in the Shellharbour electorate.

“In this meeting I again called for a Service NSW Centre for my community and also for a formal response to these letters from my constituents.”

“I’ve asked the Minister to match Labor’s commitment to the people of Shellharbour and give my community the same convenient access to government services that 98% of our state has been afforded.”

“I’d like to thank each and every one of my constituents that have contacted my office, shared their views and their frustrations, and had their say… I hope the Minister’s finally ready to listen.”

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