Dapto to be excluded from APR

Now, the NSW Government is threatening to exclude the Dapto community from accessing the Albion Park Rail bypass, by not building the Yallah interchange.

Without this interchange, Dapto commuters’ journeys will include an additional 16 intersections and six sets of traffic lights, and will take 30% more time to travel the same distance.

A deliberate exclusion of one of the fastest growing areas in New South Wales is not only short-sighted, but cruel, considering how long this bypass has been planned and publicised in our region.

will not stand for a half-baked construction of the bypass. The residents of Dapto deserve to receive the same benefits and opportunities from this project as the rest of our region.

The NSW Government needs to stop playing politics with such an incredibly overdue piece of road infrastructure and fast-track construction of this vital missing link on the M1 corridor.

I will keep pressure on the NSW Government to get a move on with the planning, allocate funding in future NSW budgets and start building this much-needed Albion Park Rail bypass – including the Yallah interchange.

How can you help?

Download and sign our petition to send a clear message to the NSW Government: build the Yallah Interchange and don’t leave Dapto residents behind.

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